Unit 1: Climate Change Impacts

Climate change is happening and it’s all our fault. “Climate change is already having a significant impact on ecosystems, economies and communities.” (davidsuzuki.org, 2015). Our economy is progressing fast and much modern, however it is greatly damaging nature. Now, we’re in trouble as our actions are taking its toll. Once it dies, we’re all greatly affected by it.

Global warming has already started its move and has become visible across Canada (davidsuzuki.org, 2015). It appears that Canada’s forest will be the place that will be greatly affected and it’s horrible as a lot of species lives there. The sea level is also rising making it possible to cover the lower lands. “Climate change also threatens the health of our children and grandchildren through increased disease, freshwater shortages, worsened smog and more.” (davidsuzuki.org, 2015). Soon, it was predicted that the world would be ice-free for 125 days a year. A great change to the world we live and cared for. Also without the ice, the earth’s colour is changing. The sea would be white, and the land would be black. Our Earth would be black and white.

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“On the international scene Canada is part of the problem, not a solution.” (Quirks, 2015). Canada is the least one who’s making any progress against Global warming, compared to the 27 other OECD countries (Quirks, 2015). Since Canada has more benefits once the weather is warm, it has become a problem. Canada’s continuous oil sands development and the withdrawal from Kyoto Accord, our high per-capita fossil fuel consumption (Quirks, 2015) are the reason why we’re the worst performers against the global warming. We need to take actions, now.


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