Unit 4: Canadian Government

Canada’s voting age should be lowered to 16.

At the age of technology no only had our surroundings upgraded, but also our minds. Teenagers are much opinionated and wiser than what others expect. I believe it’s a great step to let a 16 year old vote, to show that they really do have a say and that they do matter. Lowering the voting age will decrease youth apathy and the belief ” if you are too young to vote, you are too young to be heard.” will be demolishes. Maturity and common sense doesn’t come from age, it comes from their surroundings.

The main goal of the government is for everyone to be contented with howaa things are. How should a big part of the population be contented if they’re not allowed to have a say or to decide on who should be in their government, Teenager gets affected as much or more than adults, yet they don’t have the luxury to vote? Most youth have access to the internet, tv, newspaper, and radio to not be ignorant about current events. Give teenagers the rights to vote completely demolish the fact or belief “Letting 16 year old vote, might as well let kinderg√§rtners vote.”

People say the children are the future of this world. Well, let’s start by taking some stepping stones. Voting. By having these right, it means more than such a measly choice to teenagers. To them, it means acceptance. Acceptance to the world of the adults.


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