Slavery in the Modern Age

Slavery is one of the most talked about topics until this day. It has affected many of people’s lives to benefit the wealthy. Back then, slavery was done openly and proudly. People believed it stopped, but what the public doesn’t know is that 9907slavechainslavery can’t be seen with our naked eyes. Nowadays, slavery is shamed but that doesn’t stop factory owners, syndicates, owners, and employers to do so. In the world of business, money, and profits, being humane is neglected. Known companies that produce our electronics, clothes, drinks and etc. has taken advantage of those who are in need of source of income. We buy from them, we give them money; an indirect approval for slavery, to let them, keep doing what they’re doing, and kept on gaining power. Those companies who actually cares about others and lets freedom gain the upper arm in their business, are suffering from income loss. We need to stop buying carelessly and think before we pry open our wallet. Today, I took a test. I’m 15 years old, but 33 slaves are in charged of me.


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