Unit 2: Changes in the life of Women

Two hundred years ago, women were treated lowly, underestimated, and was purely passive. Now everything has changed. Women have become stronger and a fiercer warrior. “The female doesn’t really expect a lot from life. She’s here as someone’s keeper — her husband’s or her children’s.” (tavaana.org, 2015) was once used to describe women’s life, now it’s much more.

Learn more about Women: History of Women in the workplace

Back then, women were stripped off their rights and wasn’t treated equally as men. However, we fought and gained what is rightfully ours. The feminist movement was mainly focused on job inequality, salary inequality and more related to career (tavaana.org, 2015). Nowadays, women doesn’t have any problem with their career, as opportunities opens up to them fairly, and they even had to leave their kids early for work (Beckford, 2015). The changes didn’t just happen in careers. Education for women greatly changed as well. There are now more women that advance to higher level of education than men. The average age for weddings and family has changed too. The average women that get married is now at age 29, contrast at age 22 in 1970’s (Beckford, 2015)

With the voting system, the law, and property. Women are now allowed to vote and have a say in the government. They also have the right to run and be part of the leadership that runs the society. When they’re in danger or felt threaten they can be rightfully protected and could file lawsuits against those who had sinned against them. Owning properties for women are no big deals either. They’re allowed to buy anything as long as they’re able to pay or afford it. Lot has change, not all of them are positive, but majority is.


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